Central Queensland University’s Course Management Systems: Accelerator or Brake in Engaging Change?

David Jones, IRRODL, Mar 03, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Think about this: "Nearly 45 percent of the respondents believed that the university has implemented Blackboard as an enterprise system as a way to place additional controls on teaching and learning." This appears in the middle of this fascinating article contrasting teleological (or goal-based) and ateleological (or process-based) development methodologies (where 'development' may refer to design, delivery, learning...) and correspondingly centralized and decentralized processes (see the chart adapted from Introna in the middle of the article). It follows therefore that one's choice of process is as much a political choice as a pedagigical choice. Now resistance to a centralized LMS is often characterized as resistance to change. But perhaps the adoption of an LMS is (viewed as) an effective way to maintain the status quo. Of course, that's my view. The author, it seems to me, believes the LMS can be used to support ateleological process. I have my doubts.
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