Copyright Clearance Center Releases New Report on Copyright in the Digital Workspace

Unattributed, Copyright Clearance Center, Dec 21, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting report surveying internet use in the corporate space. According to the results, the internet is widely use for research (and is often the sole source of research). More surprisingly, file sharing is widespread in the corproate environment. "Employees seek out information that is relevant to business objectives. Once they find it, they frequently share it with others for a wide range of purposes often without realizing that their actions may violate copyright law." It's a habit as old as work - once you find something interesting, you share it with your friends and colleagues. But of course, you can't just toss a digital magazine onto the lunch room coffee table or post an article to a bulletin board or office door. In today's new environment, this practice has become illegal. The article concludes with stern warnings about the risks corporations face if their employees are caught sharing information. Better that companies ponder how much today's new copyright laws would cost them in royalties if they had to pay for each copy of a document read by an employee. PDF.
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