Clarity Newsletter

Various authors, Canadian Language, Literacy Research Network, Sept 08, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Issue number three of the Clarity Newsletter arrived in my inbox this morning. The newsletter, sadly, fails the credibility test, asserting repeatedly its faith in "evidence-based science" (sometimes stretched to the absurd, as when having two test groups "act as control groups for each other") while making a slew of unsubstantiated (and unreferenced) assertions about learning and literacy in Canada. It may all be in the writing and the (political) posturing, though. When you (finally) find the link from the newsletter to the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network you quickly dispense with the fluff and get a chance to look at the beginnings of some really interesting - and solid - work. The listing of network projects is useful and well organized; I wish, however, that the papers were published online (because people like me really need this research) and that contributors actually added links to the links section.
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