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Sept 20, 2002

For the better part of two weeks in August, 2002, I wrote a daily commentary for Net*Working 2002, an online conference hosted by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the National Vocational Education and Training System. These pages consist of the contents of that commentary.

To return to this menu, click Back to return to this page (to preserve the feel, I have not included any extra links or navigation in these pages). the newsletters contain many internal links. Some of these link to conference pages (for example, to discussions or paper downloads). Links to conference pages will start working in October, 2002 (sorry for the inconvenience).

Though it took me several hours a day to read and compile material, in the end these newsletters were written very quickly. It is worth commenting that I have not edited these newsletters. This means that spelling mistakes and other silly errors remain intact. Additionally, one of the newsletters (the last one from August 20) is cut off because of a forms problem. You will notice that as I adapted to the format I developed some conventions; as tempting as it was to return and employ the conventions in the earlier newsletters, I did not.

  • August 20 - Welcome to my Morass...
  • August 21 - Learning Communities.... and Debonking a Few Myths...
  • August 22 - Learning Objects... Answers to Albert Ip's Questions... Repositories
  • August 23 - Flexing my ability... Lurking.... Midnight Buzz...
  • August 24 - Egomania, The BBC, Hegel, and Blended Learning with Nigel Paine
  • August 25 - Your First Post: Fears, Trust and Mentoring
  • August 26 - Usability and Knowledge Management
  • August 27 - The lessons we can gain from experiences in the corporate learning sector
  • August 28 - Time... Crisis... Free Range Learners... School of the Air
  • August 29 - Communities of practice... learning games... foundations of community... digressions into Rousseau, wants, needs and representative democracy
  • August 30 - Conference Wrap-Up

Please note that while I have reformatted these pages (stripping conference menus, etc) the artwork and images (except for my photograph) are the copyright and the property of the Australian National Training Authority. See Copyright. All text and my image are copyright © 2002 Stephen Downes.

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