Private Sector Contributions to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
Jul 07, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Mauritius is just a dot - a group of dots, actually - in the Indian Ocean. More recently, it has become one of the international conference destinations of choice. It's warm, it's exotic, it's safe. And it is becoming more wired daily. Andy Carvin, who writes today's entry, is attending the the ICT Stakeholders Forum on the island. And his coverage is outstanding and insightful, as usual. But I can't help wondering what sort of definition of "Stakeholder" filters for only those people who can fly to Mauritius. And whether this sort of self-selection has any bearing on the resolution of such meetings, as expressed, say, in the current headline. Total: 52
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Private Sector Contributions To Achieving The Millennium Development Goals

Hi Stephen,

In this particular case, Mauritius was a good choice since the target audience was policymakers from the developing world, with a focus on Africans. Mauritius may be a pain for us North Americans to get to, but it has relatively good connections to the major capitals of Africa as well as to South Asia. Because of this, I was one of the few Northerners in attendance; the vast majority of participants were African, with South Asians in second place, so they manage to get the audience they targeted. Now if the meeting had been held in Maui, that might've raised some eyebrows. :-)

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