The Four R’s of Openness and ALMS Analysis: Frameworks for Open Educational Resources

John Hilton III, David Wiley, Jared Stein, Aaron Johnson, Brigham Young University, Dec 12, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

In the ongoing discussion on OER repositories David Wiley suggested today that "While many people are aware of the 5Rs framework for thinking about the legal openness of OER, but far fewer people are aware of the ALMS framework for thinking about the technical openness of OER." It was introduced in 2010 in Open Learning, a Taylor & Francis journal that throws up a subscription barrier if I want to read it. But there are open access copies here and here. The acronym stands for "Access to editing tools, Level of expertise required to revise or remix, Meaningfully editable and Source-file access." The authors write, "technical aspects of OER will affect how ―open‖ they really are. Creators of OER who wish to promote revising and remixing should ensure that OER are designed in such a way that users will have access to editing tools, that the tools needed to will not require a prohibitive level of expertise, and that the OER are meaningfully editable and self-sourced."

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