The End of Ownership

Calum Marsh, Pacific Standard, Nov 27, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I see these advertisements every time I go to see a movie: "Add a SuperTicket to also own a digital copy for $19.99." They actually stress the word "own" in the theatre. But of course it's a lie. You don't own it. That's what this article discusses. "'Look, there's a mismatch between what people think they're getting and what they are getting," he says. 'We need to be more clear with them when explaining what they're getting for their money.' The short-term solution would be to clarify the language at the point of purchase—to stop using words like 'buy' when what's really meant is 'acquire a time-limited, non-exclusive right to use.' The long-term solution would be to actually let people 'buy these things in some meaningful sense,' as Perzanowski says."

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