Free White Paper - Cracking The Mobile Learning Code: xAPI And Cmi5

Steven Westmoreland, eLearning Industry, Nov 26, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I downloaded this so you don't have to. My advice? Don't. eLearning Industry will require that you sign in with your LinkedIn credentials, then require additional information if they're not satisfied with what LinkedIn provides. Then you'll get a 32 page PDF (a far cry from the book that appears in the illustration). The first 11 pages cover a well-worn path outlining mobile learning in general. The explanation of xAPI and cmi5 is minimal and consists mostly of a case study. Yes, xAPI is not the new SCORM. Yes, cmi5 was originally designed as AICC's replacement for SCORM, but is now an xAPI profile. The case studies are: PDF and annotation in the cloud; videos and microlearning. This could be a perfectly good white paper but don't be oversold by the marketing and don't overpay with the LinkedIn permissions.

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