This Is How the World Will Shop by 2025

Juan Martinez, PC Magazine, Oct 09, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

2025 is only eight years away, and it's not clear that large parts of the world (including possibly Puerto Rico) will even have reliable power and water by then, so the definition of "world" in this article is very narrow (and probably a 25-block radius around the author's house). The shopping scenario isn't realistic either: your house detects when you've run out of something and automatically orders a replacement. Now tell me that wouldn't be abused by marketers and advertisers! For example: "Your connected razor will know when its blades have gone rusty." No. It will tell you your blades are rusty. But it will be lying! All these things that work automatically (including educational technology) will not be working for our benefit. They will be selling - hard selling - to us.

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