Invisible skills

Alastair Creelman, The corridor of uncertainty, Oct 08, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Summry and a bit of commentary on the Skills, Competencies and Credentials report from Alan Harrison (Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario) referenced here last week. The key bit is this: "Universities must come to terms with two facts: their undergraduate programs are where general skills are developed and second, it is these skills that make the graduates of these programs employable." Universities test for the content of these courses, but it isn't the content thata makes them employable, it's the skills. What sort of skills? Well, that's where everybody gets really vague: they include things like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, resreach and learning how to learn, and the like. But instead of enumerating the skills, both Harrison and Creelman focus on assessing them. "The answer lies probably in providing more comprehensive credentials that describe both the knowledge and skills acquired."

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