Eton for all: will robot teachers mean everyone gets an elite education?

Lizzie Palmer, New Statesman, Oct 03, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"There are a few certainties in this world," writes Lizzie palmer. "death, taxes, and that our jobs will eventually be taken by robots." But does this mean that everybosy will get high quality robot services? Maybe. The article describes "Pepper and Nao, two humanoid robots made by Japanese company SoftBank Robotics, (that) were trialled in two Singapore pre-schools last year." It also mentions 'Jill Watson', the robot tutor that managed to fool students at the University of georgia last year. According to Anthony Seldon (author of a recent book, natch), the AI-based tutors will liberate STEM education, but the nuances in the humanities and social sciences will take decades longer for AIs to master. Rose Luckin, also quoted in the article, points to AI's use in identifying illnesses like depression. “We could be building systems to help people understand themselves better," she says.

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