Here's a 21st Century Skill--and How to Teach It!

Daniel Willingham, Science & Education, Oct 02, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm going to give Daniel Willingham props for a no-qualifications admission that he was wrong in the past. He has argued in the past that students should be taught domain knowledge, rather than critical thinking or other '21st century skills'. But with the observation that "Students are too trusting of what they read on the Internet" comes the recognition that there is a need for "a useful, content-free strategy that could a big difference in student assessment of website accuracy." The one he proposes here is pretty basic: "read laterally. Instead of going through a checklist of features of the website in question (the usual advice) encourage students to get OFF the website to see what others say about it... show click restraint... refraining from clicking on the first result from a Google search (and) use Wikipedia wisely." I think there are more skills, of course, but that's a quibble. More.

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