Pymetrics raises $8 million for job-matching with AI and neuroscience games

Bérénice Magistretti, Venture Beat, Oct 02, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Venture Beat highlights the funding, but I'm more interested in the direction being taken by the technology. Here's the idea: "We collect dense behavioral data from successful professionals in various roles and use machine learning to build models of which traits separate the successful professionals from the general population." This was the idea behind what we called 'Automated Competency Detection and Recognition'. Study the experts using neural networks, then design training programs to help others develop similar traints. Ah, but it proves to be rather more difficult to implement than to describe. So maybe the funding is the story here, while the product itself is still a testing application. But the idea is still out there, waiting to replace testing and assessment with somnething far more practical. The danger? What if 'expertise' is associated with properties like race and attractiveness? That is, after all, how venture capitalists seem to make their decisions. And college professors, sometimes. But we should keep it out of AI, if we can.

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