Rewilding EdTech

Martin Weller, The Ed Techie, Sept 12, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Yes, this is what I want. "Rewilding might be an idea we could take to ed tech. Much of the early enthusiasm around ed tech was that it was, as Brian Lamb used to characterise it, fast, cheap and out of control." Tony Hirst has a great idea in the comments: "Hmmm… so why not just install and then something like Binderhub?" Great idea. I'll do that. But I have a paper to write today, a poster that's due tomorrow afternoon, a work plan to do, a longish report to write, some funding applications to review... And even if I had the time to just play, there's so much stuff to play with that I can't do everything, or even close to everything (even as I type this I'm listening to Principles of Globally Distributed Systems (earlier I listened to live coverage of the Apple conference while writing a paper) because there's just no way to do things one at a time any more). Not that this is a bad thing (my days are never dull) but it makes it harder to just run wild. 

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