Compilers are the New Frameworks

Tom Dale, Sept 12, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Tom Dale argues that "what we call web frameworks are transforming from runtime libraries into optimizing compilers." The practical effect of this is that we will not be able to learn from viewing the source how the web page was created, because the source will vary from place to place, person to person, depending on how the page was optimized for delivery. "Between WebAssemblySharedArrayBuffer and Atomics, and maybe even threads in JavaScript, the building blocks for the next generation of web applications are falling into place." So how will people learn how to write web pages, then? Chris Coyier suggests " today's world of GitHub, StackOverflow, and the proliferation of learning resources more than make up for learning via our own website spelunking." The key, as always, is openness.

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