Louis Rossetto

Om Malik, Pico, Aug 18, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Om Malik emerges from a year-long hiatus with an interview with Wired co-founder Louis Rossetto. It's an interesting look at the state of media and technology then (in the 1990s) and now. Where are we going? Malik opines, "The next achievements of the world are based on environments. I think most of the verbiage as we know it, which is text and some photographs, goes away and becomes much more visual. It becomes more interactive on a visual plane." Rossetto replies, "The idea that linear thought stems from books stems from the Gutenberg era. Logic and rationality are an important method of storytelling and conveying ideas, we’re going to need those kind of forms in the future." This makes me wonder what non-linear logic and ratuionality are like? The concepts of parallel processing and distributed representation give us an idea. Recognition is a type of non-linear rationality. Something to think about.

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