Indonesia needs to revive interest in reading books

Zita Meirina, A. Saragih, Antara News, May 03, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's easy to forget that Indonesia is the sixth largest in the world in number of internet users, and the fouth largest in terms of Facebook users. This isn't a country known for its literacy rates, coming in second-last among ASEAN member countries, with a low demand for books and newpapers. The result is that people believe what they read on the internet. "A survey showed that Indonesian people believe in 65 percent of internet information. This is bad. The percentage is quite high in comparison with people in many other countries," says Informatics Ministry official Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan. The problem is, the needed investment in traditional media would cost billions. Indonesians need to make their internet better - because at least it is reaching the people - instead of trying to replace it.

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