University of California researchers make lithium ion batteries last five to ten times longer

Jayson MacLean, CanTech Letter, Apr 18, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Because of concerns about the availability of lithium I am not sanguine about this technology in general for the long term. I expect carbon (and more specifically, graphene) to offer a long-term solution. But meanwhile this looks like a nice advance in battery technology. "The new approach came about when researchers coated their lithium ion battery with an organic compound called methyl viologen which form a stable coating on the metal electrode and can eliminate dendrite growth, substantially increasing the battery’s life and stabilizing its performance." As this article makes clear, though, there are grounds for scepticism. It’s kind of like cold fusion. Here is an experiment that is unbelievable,” said Dahn, to Quartz Media. “There could be a small possibility that it is right.”

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