Ten Years on the Twitter

James Clay, e-Learning Stuff, Mar 29, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

joined Twitter as @Downes in July, 2007. Since then I've accumulated 7,217 tweets and 8902 followers. I have a second account, @OLDaily, for these posts. 7,590 tweets and 5,413 followers. By Twitter standards, both numbers are low. James Clay, who joined ten years ago, writes, "I have posted nearly 43,000 tweets and have nearly 5000 followers." Clay writes, "Twitter is mainly now about mainstream and traditional media accounts who in the main use Twitter for broadcasting, I still think there is a community there that use it for conversations and sharing." That seems right to me. And it also feels like I'm posting into the void when I post to Twitter. But that's true of online media in general these days.

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