The Copyright Lobby’s IIPA Report: Fake News About the State of Canadian Copyright

Michael Geist, Feb 22, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Michael Geist writes about this year's annual misrepresentation of the state of copy protection and media in Canada by the the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), a lobby group that represents the major lobbying associations for music, movie, software, and book publishing in the United States. In particular, he focuses on three areas:

  • The state of Canadian Piracy, which the IIPA reports as rising, when in fact the Business Software Alliance’s annual report last showed Canada at its lowest software piracy rate ever 
  • The notice-and-notice system, which the IIPA says is not receiving full compliance from ISPs, and which hurts licensed services, when in pact there is nearly full compliance by ISPs, and licensed services are earning strong returns in Canada
  • Fair dealing, which the IIPA has attacked on several grounds, but which consistent with fair dealing regimes around the world, and are more stringent than many, including fair use in the United States

As Canada routinely states every year, "Canada does not recognize the 301 watch list process. It basically lacks reliable and objective analysis. It’s driven entirely by U.S. industry."



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