Journalism That Stands Apart: The Report of the 2020 Group

New York Times, Jan 18, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is an internal report that the New York Times has shared with the world (and plugged with an article) describing how it needs to modernize its approach to journalism (archive version on Scribd). One of the keys is its decision to focus on a subscription-first model. "We are not trying to maximize clicks and sell low-margin advertising against them." This approach requires that the product be compelling, which is what the bulk of the report addresses. They're looking at a more visual product, a "digitally native mix of product forms", and greater reader interaction. Poynter, in addition, covers an internal memo that was circulated to staff addressing staff cuts in editorial, a need for diversity, and the creation of 'thematic tams' to cover major stories.

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