Will an EU privacy proposal lead to a more trustworthy or annoying internet?

Ben Rosen, Christian Science Monitor, Jan 11, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Proposed legislation from the European Commission "would require companies to get the consent of users before accessing their digital information." In particular, the law would require web browsers, on installation, to ask users whether they want to allow websites to place cookies on their browser." This seems pretty minor, but the article predicts dire consequences. "If passed, the legislation might lead companies to display pop-ups asking users to switch their settings to allow cookies before they can access services." This, however, is the state of affairs today. Also worth noting: Europe "adopted sweeping reforms last spring, and ruled against Britain’s so-called “Snooper’s Charter” that requires telecommunication companies to keep records of people's web activity for one year and grants government officials access to that data."

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