How to Replace Windows Essentials 2012 After Support Ends in January

How-to-Geek, Dec 30, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some of these are my most-used applications, so I thought I should pass this along. The following will no longer be supported (which means no downloads, no patches, no security updates - but you can still use them). Here are the apps impacted: Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, OneDrive, Family Safety, Mail, or Live Writer. Two of them - Family safety and OneDrive - are built into Windows 10 (so you can continue renting them). For Mail you can use Outlook, but better might be eM Client, Mailbird, and Thunderbird. I use Thunderbird. For photo gallery you can use Flickr (which I use) but there is no good replacement for simple photo viewing. To replace MovieMaker, the article recommends Ezvid or DaVinci Resolve. And LiveWriter has an open source fork, called Open Live Writer.

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