Forgetting is Easy But So Is Reinforcement

Ryan Eudy, eLearning, Dec 14, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

One of the reasons I'm enthusiastic about practice and engagement in a discipline is that these provide natural environments for the reinforcement of learning. The need for reinforcement - or as it's sometimes called, spaced learning - is well documented. As Ryan Eudy says, "There are many good psychological theories about what is conducive to remembering. In a nutshell, these theories agree that information is not so much 'stored' and 'retrieved' in the brain as it is connected, rehearsed, and reconstructed." Yet it is often overlooked in real learning and development situations. There are ways to address that, but first managers have to get past the 'brain as bookshelf' model of learning. Related: Duolingo on How We Learn.

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