Educational Content Development Process in "CleverUniversity": Our Dynamic Adaptive Hypermedia Environment

Ahmed Bouchboua, Rabah Ouremchi, Mohammed El Ghazi, International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (IJET), Dec 08, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a pretty good paper, though readers will no doubt find significant flaws. The authors propose an architecture for a CleverUniversity learning management system based on modeling and then matching resources across three sets of models: the domain model, which classifies and orders the subject of enquiry; the learner's model, which classifies learning styles, and the pedagogic model, which proposes a set of teaching frameworks. Now none of these models is without problems (I have argued in the past that the model is just the wrong sort of approach for this sort of work). But surely the mapping across these three dimensions isn't flawed, not even (and perhaps especially not) for informal and self-directed learning. By the same authors see also this article on learning styles and this article on learner models.

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