Investigating the Key Attributes to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience in 21st Century Class Environment

Fui-Theng Leow, Mai Neo, Soon Hin Hew, Electronic Journal of E-Learning, Nov 21, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'll skip past the details of the survey of 300 Malaysian students (at least they're not from a small midwestern university) and get to the factors identified by the authors (all quoted, but paraphrased):

  • group learning can be stimulated by emphasizing work, relationship, positive attitudes, active participation, improved leadership, and collaborative learning.
  • motivation can be stimulated by emphasizing effort and feeling satisfied though learning
  • skills development can be stimulated by emphasizing the use of web resources, enhanced online communication, and meaningful presentation
  • knowledge transfer can be stimulated by project management and readiness for future developments

This all feels a bit made-up, honestly, because these attributes and factors read more like platitudes than real findings. You can read the web version (in Flash - ugh) here.

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