You’ll Know the Drones Are Coming When…

Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, Nov 14, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So, if a delivery bot using the sidewalk crosses the street at a crosswalk, does the driver have to give way and stop? This is the very relevant question asked by Tony Hirst as new technologies are forcing us to thing of devices as ethical objects. Do their rights sometimes trump ours - for example, if I am demonstrating in front of a political office and impede a sidewalk-using drone, have I committed an infraction? I've seen a few things recently depicting the AI phenomenon not as an intelligence question but as a test of ethics - for example, this article from O'Reilly, and episode 334 of Spark on CBC. Does an AI have an obligation to the truth, or to respect individual privacy, or is it waived from the limits that would constrain humans?

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