Building A Higher Ed Social Media Budget

Liz Gross, Gross, Point-Blank, Oct 25, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I haven't seen this topic covered elsewhere, which is by itself something to recommend it. "Paying to promote posts—either to the organic audience or to a target audience.... is becoming the norm in higher ed. Of the 1,100 respondents to the 2016 CASE Social Media in Advancement Survey, 59% said they paid to promote posts on Facebook, and 18% paid for Twitter promotion." In addition to paying social media companies, institutions will also need to budget for staff. "Engagement assistants are given 'the keys' to social media accounts to publish content and respond to inquiries." And of course there are software costs for tracking and monitoring response. "Don’t start by contacting vendors. First, know what data you need. Then, find a tool (paid or free) that provides you with that data."

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