Postsecondary Success Advocacy Priorities

Gates Foundation, Oct 02, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The Gates Foundation has announced (22 page PDF) the positions it will advocate (and presumably fund) for 2016. It's focused on the U.S. college and university system and stresses the development of networks supporting personal paths for students. There are three major areas of focus:

  • a streamilining of data and information flows, so that comprehensive information on every student is available to all agencies
  • development of less complicated, more timely and more effective financial and financial aid policies
  • student centered pathways leading directly and efficiently to degree completion

None of these priorities is misplaced per se but the program seems very focused on US-based students and educational institutions, and seems to focus on working within the traditional institutional structure. Though I guess one could ask, what else would they do? Via EdSurge.


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