Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Education in the Age of the MOOC

Noam Ebner, Social Science Research Network, Sept 25, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good paper (47 page PDF) on the development and delivery of a MOOC on negotiation and conflict resolution. It's focused around four major issues:

  1. Can we provide the same quality of negotiation education in a MOOC format
  2. Can the signature pedagogy of the negotiation field, the experiential learning model, be implemented in a MOOC?
  3. Can we provide students in a MOOC the same experience that has made negotiation courses successful?
  4. What implications might this have for negotiation and dispute resolution education?

I really like the section on quality (it should be required reading). "Interestingly, the standards for assessing the quality of traditional negotiation courses have been somewhat vague both in terms of outcomes within the course," writes Noam Ebner.

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