All ITT Campuses Will Close

Inside Higfher Ed, Sept 12, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The collapse of ITT Technical Institutes' chain of schools in the United States should counsel as warning about the perils of privatizing education. "U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, at the time of the Education Department action, compared ITT to the Corinthian chain, which collapsed amid federal and state scrutiny. 'For too long, ITT Tech and its executives have gotten rich off taxpayers while misleading and taking advantage of their students with Corinthian-style deceptive and abusive practices.'" Business as usual. The closure involves 130 campuses, 40,000 students and 8,000 employees. A ton of links, via Trace Urdan's excellent newsletter from Credit Suisse:

  • ITT Tech Isn’t Just a College Scandal. It Also Ran Charter Schools — and Left Teens Scrambling -- The 74 (9/12/16) Link
  • After ITT Tech’s Collapse, Other Colleges Try to Pick Up the Pieces -- Chronicle of Higher Education (9/9/16) Link
  • ITT Tech Facing Lawsuits From Employees  -- Inside Higher Ed (9/9/16) Link
  • Is the Federal Government Trying to Take Down the For Profit College Industry – Washington Post (9/8/16) Link
  • Coding Dojo, Colleges Offer Scholarships In Response of ITT Tech Closure -- EdSurge (9/8/16) Link
  • Downfall of ITT Technical Institutes Was a Long Time in the Making -- New York Times (9/7/16) Link
  • The ‘Institutional Ethnography’ That Led to ITT Tech’s Collapse -- EdSurge (9/7/16) Link
  • Options for ITT Tech students left in debt, without degrees -- WTVC (9/7/16) Link
  • ITT Educational employees file lawsuit over sudden terminations -- Indianapolis Star Tribune (9/7/16) Link
  • Analyst: Why Arizona's 3 largest for-profit schools likely won't share ITT's fate -- Phoenix Business Journal (9/7/16) Link
  • As For-Profit ITT Announces Closure, Thousands of Students and Employees Face Uncertainty -- Chronicle of Higher Education (9/7/16) Link
  • The End for ITT Tech – Inside Higher Ed (9/7/16) Link
  • ITT Technical Institute Students Chart a Difficult Course  -- Wall Street Journal (9/7/16) Link
  • Accreditation Trouble for ITT’s Daniel Webster College – Inside Higher Ed (9/6/16) Link
  • ITT Tech shutdown could cost taxpayers nearly $500M -- Politico (9/6/16) Link
  • After Losing Aid for New Students, Giant For-Profit ITT Will Close All Its Campuses  -- Chronicle of Higher Education (9/6/16) Link
  • Are ITT Alternatives Much Better? -- Cato (9/6/16) Link
  • ITT Technical Institute Shuts Down After Government Cut Off New Funding -- Wall Street Journal (9/6/16) Link
  • A Message from the Secretary of Education to ITT Students -- Homeroom (9/6/16) Link
  • ITT Executives Have Only Themselves to Blame for the Company’s Demise -- New America (9/6/16) Link

Next time you're considering the cost of public education as compared to the private sector, consider these costs.

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