The challenge of change: advice from Keynes

Harvey P. Weingarten, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, Aug 24, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It is inevitable, I think, that proponents of 'quality' in education will call for an end to the mandate to provide access to all, instead focusing on 'higher quality' for a few. So we have here the push to "move beyond the dominant influences of increased enrolment and growth to the achievement of other desired outcomes such as preparing students better for today’s jobs, more sustainable institutions, higher quality education and research, etc." Leaving aside the mechanisms for pursuing these new objectives - funding based on learning outcomes, differentiation between institutions - the presumption that access is no longer a desirable objective is regressive and not worthy of a public education system. And has, I might add, nothing whatsoever to do with Keynes. Image: Evolllution.

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