When it’s Your Googopoly Game, You Can Flip the Board in the Air Anytime

Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, Aug 22, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Alan Levine, being more thorough than I, discovered that if you click on 'Events' on your Live Streaming Dashboard, (right under 'Stream Now') you can run your Hangout on Air (aka Live Event) - look for the subtle 'New Event' button in the upper right of the page. Google usability engineers hate you. So you don't need the streaming media encoder. But I'll be honest - after having used the encoder, I really prefer it (though of course none of this works particularly well on my laptop). In the future somewhere is a world where we can use a media encoder of our choice and a cloud service of our choice to host live video events without Google or any of the rest of them. But we're not there yet. OK, now to see if I can hack using Martin Hawksey’s genius script for an auto updated twitter archive to use something other than Twitter.

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