Amazon Inspire Removes Some Content Over Copyright Issues

Natasha Singer, CC BY-SA, Jul 06, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I wonder how much of this is genuine concern and how much of it is a campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt. True, some materials were genuine infringements and removed from Amazon's OER site. On the other hand the service runs squarely against the business model of sites like, described by the NY Times (accurately) as "a rival instructional resources site where educators offer lesson plans they have created." For the most part, resource sharimng among teachers is free and unfettered (and one wonders how many open resources have found they way into teacherspayteachers content). But when open content sharing is commercialized, as it is on Amazon, suddenly the standards rise. As soon as someone slaps a copyright on some material, whether justified or not, all instances of that material are called into question.

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