Canada’s New Plan on Open Government 2016-2018

Government of Canada, Jun 17, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The area of most interest to me is in regard to open access of scientific data and publications. This is addressed in Commitment 14, and recommends that we:

  • Increase engagement with Canadians on federal S&T activities, including, as appropriate:
    • Enhanced communication of scientific participation opportunities in support of federal S&T activities; and
    • Targeted consultations on best practices for increasing the impact of federal S&T activities.
  • Develop and implement an open access policy for scientific research funded through grants and contributions.
  • Work toward the development of policies on digital data management for research funded through the Granting Councils.

I don't actually see a specific recommendation that publications by government scientists be open access. But maybe that will evolve. Via Richard Ackerman, who has more background.

Note: "The Government of Canada wants to hear from you on the direction we’re proposing in this draft of the new plan on Open Government, which has been developed based on your input during the idea-generating phase of the consultation. Please comment on this page or email with feedback and suggestions from  to ."

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