Pedagogy out of Fear of Philosophy as a Way of Pathologizing Children

Arie Kizel, Journal of Unschooling, Alternative Learning, May 15, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This article has the most awkward title ever, but represents a logical progression from Friere's characterization of the 'pedagogy of the oppressed' (and more positively, 'pedagogy of hope'). The pedagogy of fear "stunts the active and vital educational growth of the young person, making him/her passive and dependent upon external disciplinary sources. It is motivated by fear that prevents young students—as well as teachers—from dealing with the great existential questions that relate to the essence of human beings." It's based on two major ideas: "The child as 'not-knower'" and "The model of demand as the pedagogic basis." I think this is a good insight. What would pedagogy look like if we removed these two constraints? (Other 'pedagogies of fear': Leonardo and PorterMcdermott, Lumenfeld). Image: Pinterest.

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