Global Blockchain Project Fermat Revealed

Simon Cocking, Irish Times, May 08, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Don Tapscott was given the liberty to edit an issue of the Toronto Star as his response was to put a picture of himself on the front page. He has also jumped on to the blockchain bandwagon. I think it's interesting technology, but I thing there are more interesting forces at work under the surface. Consider, for example, Fermat. "60+ full time contributors now collaborating to develop global open source platform that will launch the 'Internet of People.'" This is something that very much bears further investigation. "The great thing about this Internet of People, in contrast with the current web, is the option of freedom from third parties. This brings several advantages in terms of privacy, cost reductions and removal of arbitrary rules." This is very much the goal I had for LPSS (though taking a very different approach). Now in my world, this goal has been explicitly rejected. But focusing on the superficial doesn't change the undercurrents of long-term technology development. The personal will prevail. It is in the process of prevailing.

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