Character Lab

Character Lab, Apr 20, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I can't say I agree with this strategy, but people should know it's a thing, and probably coming to a trade show near you (and will certainly be pitched to your administrators on the golf course). There's already a TED talk. "Take goal-setting in your classroom to the next level ," says the pitch, amid posters advertising 'grit' and 'purpose' and 'self-control'. I see no evidence to suggest that a 'lack of character' is what impedes people seeking a good education and better quality of life. But it's always easier to blame the poor (and poorly educated) for their own character flaws than it is to actually put money and priority into opening the doors and creating equitable access to all the benefits of an education. But hey, if you disagree, "start using the WOOP method today to guide your students toward completing their goals." Via EduWonk.

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