OER as a participatory activity

Sean Connor, Saylor, Apr 15, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Saylor writes and endorses the recent Creative Commons post on OER as a participatory activity. But it adds, "Saylor Academy would absolutely benefit from infrastructure that would encourage us, our students, our partners, and members of the wider open community to really create the open content we need from the open content that we have." Of course, I've spent my entire career working toward this. It's not without its difficulties and obstacles - trust me, I know. It's hard to find funding and support for such a project. You're working against entrenched interests in the content and publishing industries. I'll raise this as a topic here in D.C. with the Discovery Education network and again when I meet with George Siemens in a few days in Arlington. People could have this if they were willing to put up some backing for it.

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