Real Future: A Female eSports Champion Speaks Out About Harassment

Kevin Roose, Real Future, YouTube, Mar 03, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting video that touches on a number of interesting topics: online gaming, Twitch, Hearthstone, gender issues, and more. From the video summary: "Kevin Roose visits Hafu and learns what life is like for a female eSports celebrity, and what she thinks could help eSports solve its gender problem. Hafu Chan is a legend. For the past eight years, she's been a star in one of the most popular sports in the world: competitive video gaming, known as eSports. Hafu streams herself playing Hearthstone and other games on Twitch, where she has thousands of subscribers and a loyal fan base. But she says she's been turned off from competing because of sexists and trolls sending her nasty messages." Good comment near the end: the thing that could damage esports in the long term and its popularity in the mainstream is just its lack of diversity.

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