10 million California student records about to be released to attorneys

Sharon Noguchi, San Jose Mercury News, Feb 24, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The high-profile case of the FBI's demand that Apple unlock its iPhones is well known to all, but an equally concerning case is playing out in California. There, "personal information, including test scores, behavior, health records, addresses and social security numbers of students who have attended a California public school since 2008—about 10 million in all—will be handed over to attorneys." The data was demanded by plaintiffs in a case alleging that "the state department of education was not providing adequate services for special-ed students." If this is all it takes to gain access to personal and private records, then these records are by definition not secure. The net result is that people no longer trust U.S.-based data storage security. Via EdSurge.

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