Is 'leadership' just a figment of our imagination? Maybe not. I'm not sure I believe the conclusions drawn from this study, but here we go: "A new finding in brain science reveals a curious dynamic — a neural synchronization — during communication between leaders and followers: the brain activity of leaders and followers is more highly synchronized than the brain activity between followers and followers." Hrm, may, maybe not. But these four implications seem relevant (quoted):

  • It’s not how much you communicate. It’s how well you communicate
  • It’s your verbal skills, not your nonverbal skills, that matter when making decisions.
  • Finding common ground and a means for connection is important and can result in a higher level of coherence during communication between leaders and followers.
  • Try to predict how others will respond to you by putting yourself in their shoes; this is especially important when managing another person’s emotions.

These are skills that can be developed,. according to the article. So maybe there is something to leadership development?

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