Boys play with dolls, and girls play with spaceships. Someone tell the toy makers.

Rebecca Hains, Washington Post, Feb 16, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think of this as an education issue, not a toy issue. Games and toys are among the most important educational devices we build. And so I wonder why it is so important for toy builders in the United States to create completely separate lines of toys for boys and girls. They may as well be taught in separate schools, not interacting with each other at all! It is arguable that this separation is responsible in part for the skew toward boys in the sciences, and for some of the blatant misogyny we see in the technical community. Because, after all, education does have an effect on behaviour. I agree with Dan Nessell, who has lobbied to end the boy and girl awards for toy manufacturers. We should end 'boy and girl' toys altogether. When we address these issues in our own society, we will be on firmer ground when we address them in others.

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