US professors aren’t getting any more accepting of online learning—but students definitely are

Amy X. Wang, Quartz, Feb 14, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I've often said that change in learning and development will come from outside traditional institutions, not from within it. This short but telling article makes it clear why. Even 20 years into the digital age, the majority of professors still do not support online learning. In a very real sense, they are like stage actors who think the new-fangled media of movies, radio and television are just a fad. The qualify of the electric theatre experience, they will say, will never be as good as the live stage. Even if this is true (and I've seen lots of stage theatre, it's not) it doesn't matter. Electronic media open the doors. "The universal appeal is access," he (Jeff Seaman) says. "It’s not that online is inherently better or worse—it’s that taking a course online allows you to complete a program you couldn’t otherwise."

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