Adaptive learning is all about

Peter Burrows, EdSurge, Feb 03, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good article on adaptive learning*. But what strikes me in reading this article is how many qualifiers there are. Sure, they support adaptive learning, but (they write) "the most important thing is quality teaching", adaptive learning "is just a sliver of what it means to add technology to the classroom," "adaptive tools had to integrate cleanly" with the LMS, and "we made the mistake of thinking data was the holy grail." That said, between the qualifiers it profiles Dream Box, which makes elementary and middle school adaptive math software, and LEAP Innovations, a consultancy that help educators find what works to personalize learning.

(*) Here's EdSurge's definition, which seems good enough to use for now: "Adaptive learning is an education technology that can respond to a student's interactions in real-time by automatically providing the student with individual support."

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