The evidence suggests I was completely wrong about tuition fees

Martin Robbins, Jan 29, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

That's the author's headline, of course, not mine, and it opens a column which is a virtual clone of the one that I referenced from the National Post the other day. Coincidence, that? This one makes the same point: that reductions in tuition fees would benefit rich students more than poor students. Of course we haven't seen any such reduction yet, which would produce evidence. What we have seen is that increases have harmed poorer students, and that this harm continues after graduation. In this article the distraction is provided by the story at the secondary school level, and we are presented with a zero-sum option: "pour the cash into secondary schools instead." Well, yes, if those were the only two choices, sure. But the £10bn in question here is a fraction of the British government's overall £744 billion budget, suggesting there are other choices in the equation.

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