How to Learn Effectively in Medical School: Test Yourself, Learn Actively, and Repeat in Intervals

Marc Augustin, PubMed Central | Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, Jan 20, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The recall of facts is not nearly the whole of learning, of course (though it is often presented as though it were), but the methodology outlined here accords with my own understanding (which I have styles as "practice and reflection"). "Surprisingly," writes the author, "scientific knowledge of how to learn and acquire factual knowledge is not a standard part of the curriculum in medical school." The program should be "taught actively by posing questions and quizzing students, provide tests to foster learning, and repeat the learning strategies in spaced intervals." What's interesting is that if this method is practiced, the person's ability to remember facts itself is improved. Which, when you think of it, makes sense. "With practice, the memory can be trained comparable to the training of a muscle." Image: secretGeek. Via Emily Springfield in an EDUCAUSE listserv.

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