Forget laptops – here’s how you can get a 17″ portable desktop PC for $250

Maren Estrada,, Dec 26, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

You will probably want to splurge on a keyboard and mouse as well, but you'll still only be ahead of the game. The kit includes two essential pieces:

  • Kangaroo - the $99 computer announced in October that's about the size of my Galaxy Note. You'll want the docking port too, for a bit extra. Battery life is only 4 hours - but it's hard to beat being able to carry your computer around with you in your pocket. More.
  • AOC 17-inch portable monitor - it comes with a case and connects with USB (which also powers it).

Now these precise products aren't the point. It's the way your personal computer can become very portable that's the point. Why carry around all that extra gear in your laptop if you don't need it? Imagine what you could do (in some future world) when you carry your computer in your wallet and plug it into devices and services whenever you need it. Via Doug Peterson.

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