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This paper documents an effort to measure value using Wenger, Trayner and De Laat's framework (60 page PDF). It's not straightforward, as the expectations of the investigators can play a significant role. "To what extent does a theoretically-driven pre-defined typology of values confine or enrich the range of possible values that can be identified?" ask the authors. They add a pre-cycle of "expected value" to the set of cycles. They differentiate between types of values (personal, social, skill-related, etc) for each of the cycles. And they "invited the participants to write their own value creation stories after their participation in the community events" using a scaffold designed for this purpose. What they found was a veritable Pandora's Box of factors that obscure the view of values. "The seemingly simple action of analyzing values experienced by participants in a community is instead a highly complex process that may lead to an endless complication of unravelling the 'real'". More: see additional items from the current issue of

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