Personalized medicine is topic of new Vanderbilt massive open online course

Paul Govern, Vanderbilt University, Dec 14, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I've mentioned this before but it bears repeating: despite the push toward standardization and evidence-based medicine, care-givers must face the fact that "Different people may respond differently to the same drug... Doctors should treat the whole patient, steering clear of half measures. Today this means taking account not only of illnesses and medications, but also cultural preferences, health care literacy and, increasingly, genetic information." The same, of course, applies in learning. Different people respond differently to the same content. This is why instructivism fails, and why in the long term we have to embrace personal learning. What's interesting now is that a new course from Vanderbilt explores this. But it shouldn't be thought of as mass education; it should be thought of as a resource (like a drug) that each person uses, and reacts to, slightly differently.Here's the link to enroll in Case Studies in Personalized Medicine.

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